How To Make Wordpress Safe Without Any Plugins

I have had two WordPress blogs hacked into in the past. That was at a time when I was doing very little internet marketing, and until I found time to address the situation (months later), these sites were penalised in the search engines. They were not removed, but the rankings were reduced.

Since scare tactics appear to be at least start thinking about the problem, or what drives some people to take how to fix hacked wordpress a bit more seriously, let me shoot a couple of scare tactics your way.

There are ways to pull this off, and many involve re-establishing more and databases and FTPing files, exporting and copying. Some of these are very complicated, so it is imperative that you select the one that is right. If you're look these up not of the persuasion that is technical, then you may want to look into using a plugin for WordPress backups.

While it's an odd term, it represents a essential task. We're not only being obsessive-compulsive here: servers go down every day, despite their promises of 99.9% uptime, and if you've had this happen to you, you know the fear is it can cause.

You may extend the plugin features with premium plugins like: Amazon S3 plugin, Members only plugin, DropShop etc.. I think this plugin is a fantastic choice and you can use it at no cost.

Just ensure which you can schedule, and you decide on a plugin that's up to date with the version and release of WordPress, restore and replicate.

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